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藝術家陳紫君描繪了不同品種的可愛貓咪沉浸在美麗的宇宙光中,透過圓形畫布上的貓咪星球和獨特的故事,讓觀眾沉浸在一個充滿奇幻和溫暖的冬日世界裡。 它們有的組隊成為貓咪合唱團,在家中舉辦派對;有的冒險出街,與薑餅人一起滑雪,甚至成為小鹿傳遞快樂給浪浪貓咪們。 這些作品展現了陳紫君豐富的想像力和對動物的熱愛。 陳紫君透過與領養貓咪的觀眾交流,為這些現成為愛寵的貓咪延伸故事,讓牠們成為畫中的主角,度過一個夢幻而又溫馨的冬日。

陳紫君希望喚起觀眾對動物福利的關注,她以畫筆傳遞出對流浪貓咪領養的呼籲,鼓勵大家選擇領養而非購買,為流浪貓咪提供一個溫暖的家庭。 這樣的選擇不僅能給予動物一個安全的環境,也能讓人們體驗與動物帶來的溫馨與喜悅。

Artist TK Chan depicts adorable cats of different breeds immersed in the beautiful light of the universe. Through the cat planets on circular canvases and unique narratives, she immerses the audience in a fantastical and heartwarming Christmas world. Some of them form a cat choir, hosting Christmas parties at home. Others venture outside, skiing with gingerbread men, and even spreading joy to stray cats as little deer. These artworks showcase Chan's rich imagination and love for animals.


Through interactions with audiences who have adopted cats, TK extends the stories of these beloved pets and turns them into the protagonists of her paintings, creating a dreamy and heartwarming experience. TK  aims to raise awareness of animal welfare and advocates for the adoption of stray cats through her artwork, encouraging people to choose adoption over purchasing and provide a warm home for stray cats. Such a choice not only offers animals a safe environment but also allows people to experience the warmth and joy of celebrating Christmas with animals.

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