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Cecilia Ho

b. 1985(Hong Kong)

cecilia ho

Miss Cecilia Ho was born in Hong Kong in 1987. She is a Master degree (Chinese Language and Literature) and a Bachelor degree ( Design-Visual Communication) holder from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has worked as an artist ever since she graduated. In 2011, she set up 2Bliss studio in Jockey Club Creative and Art Centre, doing painting and multi-media art experiments. She has been invited to join the Contemporary Visual Arts Exhibition in 2011 and the Community art Biennale in 2015 . She had organized the “AROUND-photography exhibition”, “Dreamer-solo exhibition”, “foRest-solo exhibition” and “.018s-solo exhibition”.


Cecilia tells her story by using vivid colors and abstract lines, even though if you look at Cecilia’s art from a distance, you could easily see what it represents.  Cecilia's paintings are like dreams, they are unknown adventures. Cecilia believes dreams coming from our subconscious mind, lead us to a mysterious world.  It is the edge between our reality and the imaginary world.  The world in our dreams is finnite. When we wake up, only our memories are left behind. Those memories are often incomplete, but extraordinary. 


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