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About BLINK Gallery Hong Kong 
齊 亮 畫 廊


BLINK Gallery is a Hong Kong based fine art gallery that curates exhibitions with themes that reflect the values of love, inner peace, harmony, happiness, and color. Established in Hong Kong in 2013 by TK Chan and Albert Chung, BLINK Gallery’s focus is on showcasing contemporary artwork with a strong visual impact. BLINK Gallery specializes in paintings on canvas or paper that bring positive energy to the viewer and promote a better world through art.
Artists represented by BLINK Gallery include Poon Kwing Wing, an established multidisciplinary artist whose practice covers both Chinese watercolor painting and photography, and TK Chan, a Hong Kong based painter with a practice in painting Chinese watercolors of animals.
Strong believers in the positive power of art, BLINK Gallery’s artists are carefully selected based on their ability to create art with positive meaning and impact, using bright or pastel colors to convey a sense of energy, excitement, and emotion in their work. In the past, BLINK Gallery focused on promoting local artists from Hong Kong. BLINK Gallery now partners with international gallerists such as Project K, Seoul, South Korea; World of Arts, Jakarta, Indonesia; and Sissi's Back Garden Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China, to introduce their artists to new collectors and art enthusiasts while discovering new art and artists.
齊亮畫廊 BLINK Gallery Limited, 以 2013年由鍾臻智先生 (Albert Chung)及陳紫君小姐 (TK Chan)共同創立,致力以香港的視覺藝術推動和平、多元、平等和共融的香港當代藝術畫廊。   積極參與香港、內地、台灣、東南亞及澳洲的藝術博覽會。 所代理之藝術家包括有: 潘烱榮(筆名:水禾田)、陳紫君、定光琴、容子敏、韓雁婷、何紫君、李澧榆、李詠思、陸潤城、劉展鴻,等





合 作 夥 伴
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