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Cheung Man Yee

b.1988(Hong Kong)

Artist janette4.jpg
張敏儀是本地原創Ip 角色萌Q小熊貓的原創者。自小就喜歡畫畫和創作,一張紙一枝筆造就了整個下午最快樂的時光。在中小學的時期,不喜歡文字的她專挑幾米的繪本做閱讀報告,從一本《夜空》的繪本裡認識藝術家梵高的「星夜」,作品觸發了她對色彩的敏感度亦多了當畫家的夢想。其後在視藝老師的鼓勵下,更得到首個日本國際書畫大賽獎項。



2023年暑假,張敏儀獲齊亮畫廊策展人陳紫君小姐的邀請畫兩幅以熊貓為題材的畫作,令她意外地開展了藝術家之路。久違十年,再度提起畫筆並擠起塑膠彩顏料在畫布上的她很快找回熟悉的感覺,在紫君引導下開始創作一系列以萌Q小熊貓遊歴香港主題視覺的藝術作品,豐富色彩的畫面搭配熊貓主角,漸漸找到屬於個人風格的定位。其中兩幅作品「紅、白、藍」和「山頂」更在北角匯展出。這段創作過程期間,張敏儀重拾兒時畫家夢想的初衷及對藝術的熱情,作品亦開始多了海外展覧的機會。今年更以新晉藝術家的身份入選Affordable Art Fair,向大眾展示一系列充滿香港情懷的可愛作品。

從事設計和插畫工作多年的敏儀,在藝術創作過程中 ,每次在畫布落筆的構圖上總或多或少受設計元素概念有所影響,但她相信能在兩者找到平均點並在創造一種獨特的風格。在長時間創作過程中,總會思考面對不穩定的世界局勢和對未知的未來不安,喜歡注入自己情感在每幅作品中同時亦𣎴斷追求技術上的進步,期望透過作品能為大家帶來正面影響。特別總以香港系列為主題作品,感覺多了一份使命感。

Man Yee Cheung, Janette who is borned in Hong Kong, is known for her adorable and local art style. Educated in Illustration and Graphic Design, and further studies in Central Saint Martins College of Art in 2019, Janette created her own lovable character of Mr. Q Panda. With simple colours and Hong Kong landmarks as background, she turned her panda into a more realistic and friendly one.

Janette’s artistic talent gained recognition when she was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to showcase her artwork at the Design Gallery. This opportunity allowed her unique style to captivate a wider audience. Her passion and skill also earned her an exclusive invitation to speak at HKU, where she shared her inspiring art journey. Continued with the participation in HKICS SHOW, solo exhibitions at The Mills and Harbour North, and collaborations with renowned brands, it demonstrated her ability to seamlessly integrate her distinctive style into various creative endeavours.

Janette’s journey as an illustrator is a testament to her unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and the ability to bring art to life. With each project, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world, captivating audiences with her artistry and imagination, and to bring joy and smiles to people's lives.
During the summer vacation of 2023, Janette Cheung received an unexpected invitation from TK Chan, the curator of BLINK Gallery, to create two panda-themed artworks. This invitation marked the surprising beginning of her journey as an artist. After a hiatus of ten years, Janette Cheung picked up her paintbrush and squeezed out plastic pigments onto the canvas, quickly rediscovering the familiar sensation. Guided by TK, she started creating a series of art pieces featuring adorable pandas exploring Hong Kong, incorporating rich colors and the panda protagonist, gradually finding her own artistic style.
Two of her artworks, "Red, White, Blue" and "The Peak," were even exhibited at the Harbour North. During this creative process, Janette Cheung rekindled her childhood dream of becoming an artist and reignited her passion for art. Her works began to gain opportunities for overseas exhibitions. This year, she was selected as an emerging artist at the Affordable Art Fair, showcasing a collection of adorable artworks filled with the sentiment of Hong Kong.
Having worked in design and illustration for many years, Janette's artistic compositions on the canvas are often influenced, to some extent, by design elements. However, she believes in finding a balance between the two and creating a unique style. Throughout the long creative process, she often contemplates the unstable global situation and the anxiety of an unknown future. She enjoys infusing her emotions into each artwork while continuously striving for technical improvement, hoping that her creations can bring a positive impact to others. Her Hong Kong-themed works, in particular, carry a sense of mission.


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