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Simon Yung

b.1968(Hong Kong)

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Chee-Mun, Simon Yung grew up in Hong Kong and obtained a Master of Arts in Chinese Literature (HKMU), a Diploma in Chinese Painting (HKU SPACE). Simon has participated in various Hong Kong and overseas art exhibitions. Besides, he has won a number of awards in different art competitions, including "Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 (HKMoA)", "Beyond the Surface~Chinese Abstract Art 2008 (MMoA)" and "Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2005  (HKMoA)". His works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, enterprises, and private collectors.

容子敏,香港水墨藝術家,兼任藝術教育及推廣。取得中國文學碩士(HKMU)、中國繪畫文憑(HKU SPACE)等。作品入選香港當代藝術獎 (HKMoA)、超以象外中國抽象繪畫作品展 (MMoA)、夏利豪基金會藝術比賽 (PCF)、香港藝術雙年展 (HKMoA) 等。容氏曾參與多個香港及海外聯展,包括英國、美國、新加坡、韓國、台灣及國內等地;及多次舉辦個人展。作品於不同的國際拍賣會競投,並獲香港藝術館、企業機構及私人收藏。


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