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Lau Chin Hung


Lau Chin Hung

b.1953 (Hong Kong)


劉展鴻先生是香港美專的畢業生,1977年赴法,1982年取得了巴黎國立高等美術學院的「油畫」學位,1986年取得了巴黎一大的「造型藝術」學位。現在巴黎做自由藝術家,在歐洲、台北、香港都做過個展,在藝術市場上也表現不凡,連續幾年在香港佳士得(Christies)告罄。展鴻先生的作品有獨特的面貌, 畫面色彩薄晰、透明感強,線條工整、平靜,構圖嚴謹、巧妙,光澤均勻、穩定。他鍾愛的包菜(Cabbage)體積飽滿、紋理精微、生命力強,噴泉的水花造型生動、色點純淨歡快。作品的每一個筆觸,每一筆色塊,每一處細節都表現了藝術家深厚的功力,嚴謹的思考,繪畫過程愉悅的體驗和追求完美而得償的滿足。在展鴻先生的作品中,我們可以看到很多明確的超現實主義流派的特徵,天空中懸浮的包菜,像是中國道家的混沌之始,生命孕育的原生狀態,也是一種旅居海外40餘載對文化和根基的審視,亦或是香港文化特有的歷史表徵和生存狀態。就是這種「夢非夢」,「真非真」的描述和包菜所承載的質感、柔嫩、生發等一切可以聯想的意義。至於文化寫實主義,而不是單純的、機械的寫實主義,意指展鴻先生的作品有明顯的文化特徵,他選取巴黎公園、蒙馬特爾高地、法國鄉下田野、希臘美神維納斯,甚至是聖經文化中的青蘋果、教堂的穹頂、普通的鳥巢。從他的作品中,我們可以看到一種文化的對照,轉換,甚至是較量,這種有趣的形式,細膩的寫實和深入的思考,就是文化的寫實主義。


Mr. Chin Hung Lau is a graduate of Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts (HKAFA). In 1977, he went to France and obtained a degree in "Oil Painting" from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1982. He further obtained a degree in "Plastic Art" from Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne in 1986. Currently, he works as an independent artist in Paris and has held solo exhibitions in Europe, Taipei, and Hong Kong. His works have also gained remarkable recognition in the art market, with consecutive years of success at Christie's Hong Kong.

Mr. Chin Hung Lau's artworks possess a unique allure. The colors are subtle and transparent, the lines are precise and tranquil, the compositions are rigorous and clever, and the gloss is even and stable. His beloved cabbages exhibit full volume, delicate textures, and vibrant vitality, while the water splashes of fountains are dynamic and exude pure and joyful colors. Every brushstroke, every stroke of color, and every detail in his works demonstrate the artist's profound skills, meticulous thinking, joyful experience during the painting process, and the pursuit of perfection that brings satisfaction.

In Mr. Chin Hung Lau's works, we can observe many distinct characteristics of the Surrealist movement. The floating cabbages in the sky resemble the primal chaos of Chinese Daoism, representing the primordial state of life's nurturing. They also reflect his more than 40 years of living abroad and his contemplation of culture and roots, as well as the historical representation and existential condition unique to Hong Kong's culture. It is through this "dream-like" and "unreal but real" portrayal, along with the texture, tenderness, and vitality embodied by the cabbages, that we can evoke various associations and meanings.

As for cultural realism, rather than a simplistic or mechanical form of realism, it refers to the evident cultural features present in Mr. Chin Hung Lau's works. He selects subjects such as Parisian parks, Montmartre Heights, French countryside landscapes, the Greek goddess Venus, and even symbols from biblical culture, such as the green apple and the domes of churches, or ordinary bird nests. Through his works, we can observe a contrast, transformation, and even a juxtaposition of cultures. This intriguing form, delicate realism, and profound contemplation embody cultural realism.


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