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Zoe Liu


LIU Lai Ue

b. 1999(Hong Kong)

Zoe Liu 2019 contrast.jpg

Zoe Liu was born and raised in Hong Kong and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, along with Outstanding Undergraduate Awards in Drawing and Digital Imaging. Since her studies, Zoe has developed her practice while working as a teaching artist at Honolulu Museum of Art School, Oahu Art and Tech, Hawaii State Art Museum and Hawaii State Art Foundation on Culture and the Arts. She is also the founder of Art Tent Studio.

Along with her teaching, Zoe has exhibited her work at a number of international exhibitions including the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Art Stage Singapore, Ink Asia 2017, Affordable Art Fair Singapore and Asia Contemporary Art Show. Her collection “Let them be Kids” had accepted and auctioned at Ravenel, Taipei in Dec 2018.

Zoe primarily employs ink, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and gesso on paper and panels, and investigates existential questions, social contradictions, and education issues. In particular issues about silencing and forced-feeding education style. Her latest series Take Me back to the Garden is based on her meditation on growth, and inspiration from the Garden of Eden. These works can be read as a visualization of her teaching and spiritual experiences.

李澧榆出生並在香港長大,目前居住在夏威夷檀香山。她在夏威夷馬諾亞大學獲得了美術學士學位,同時在繪畫和數字影像方面獲得了優秀本科生獎。在學期間,澧榆在檀香山美術博物館學校、Oahu Art and Tech、夏威夷州藝術博物館以及夏威夷州文化和藝術基金會擔任教學藝術家,同時也是Art Tent Studio的創始人。


除了教學工作,澧榆還在許多國際展覽上展出了她的作品,包括香港 Affordable Art Fair 、新加坡藝術舞台、Ink Asia 2017、「冉起當代」展覽會新加坡和亞洲當代藝術展。她的系列作品《Let them be Kids》在2018年12月被台北羅芙奧拍賣公司接受並拍賣。


Zoe主要使用墨水、水彩、粉彩、炭筆和灰泥在紙張和板材上創作,探討存在主義問題、社會矛盾和教育議題,特別是有關沉默和強迫灌輸式教育風格的問題。她最新的系列作品《Take Me back to the Garden》是基於她對成長的冥想和對伊甸園的靈感。這些作品可以被解讀為她教學和精神體驗的視覺化呈現。


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