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Pivotal Moment


Mediha Ting’s new series of Chinese Contemporary Ink painting, ‘Pivotal Moment’ series is aiming to capture an historical moment of Hong Kong. Ting view the past three years of pandemic and social unrest as a turning point for Hong Kong. By pictorially re-examining Hong Kong past, present and future through landscape, focusing more on the coastal and skyline of Hong Kong.  She is fragmenting imageries from selected locations and reconnecting them with memories, feelings and projection of the future by using subconscious painting method which at the same time reflects a sense of spiritualism.

Ting’s collected numerous photos of the scenery she wanted to work on, then reworking them through drawings to achieve a desirable composition; but not in a realistic sense, rather to capture the ascent of the scenery. Then she proceed, to the Chinese ink painting which further abstracts the imagery by adding fragments of the past, present and future. As well as mixing in colours from sunset, sunrise, evening and different weather conditions to achieve a fragmentation image until it fluidly comes together almost to a totally abstraction.

Ting’s trade mark subconscious painting method which combines: conscious, subconscious, abstraction, figurative, including the Chinese painting aesthetic [YiJing]. This painting process can be compared to mixing surrealism’s automatic drawing and mediation together.

She is also seeking to capture a series of binary oppositions in her paintings; such as putting beauty and horror, despair and hope, familiarity and alienation together.

For the first painting ‘West Kowloon waterfront’ of this series, Ting had chosen the most familiar landscape for her, the view outside her home’s window. She moved back to Hong Kong from London 10 years ago; this view provides an unspeakable sense of comfort and stability to the artist. 

The view outside my window overlooking the West Kowloon waterfront and Yau Ma Tei Cargo working area/Typhoon Shelter becomes a comfort to me. From afar Hong Kong always have the same beautiful skylines unchanged during turbulence. I love this scenery because it seems to be the same but rather it is different from moment to moment; some of the sunsets and storms are so amazingly beautiful and dramatic. 

Mediha Ting

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