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Panda's Journey: Traces of Bamboo

A new Panda collection named, ''A Journey to Hong Kong City." It revolves around the story of King's journey in Hong Kong, tracing back to King's original residence: a Bamboo Village in Wong Tai Sin. However, after an unexpected coming of a disastrous rainstorm, he was accidentally given a chance to visit Hong Kong with his beloved family. Through this bustling city, they explored famous landmarks and sampled the city's diverse cuisine. 


人見人愛的熊貓象徵和平和團結,陳紫君筆下的熊貓更流露出人與大自然和諧共存的景象,並首次透過畫作,由熊貓帶領大家遊歷香港,穿越繁忙的市區,探索香港的著名地標及景點。無論是維多利亞港的迷人景色,還是太平山頂的壯麗景觀,熊貓均與我們一起欣賞著香港這些美景! ​

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