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在急速的生活節奏下,放慢腳步,乘著天星小輪感受微風,感受維多利亞港的蔚藍,欣賞著閃爍的海面,看著傳統帆船漫漫盪漾,漂著那淡淡的海水味令人想念著從前,想念著小時候…. 透過作品表達天星小輪對香港的集體回憶和情懷!


For a long time, the Star Ferry has been a symbol of Hong Kong's classic charm and history. With its simple composition and the combination of white and green, this series embodies a consistent style. The military green hull is intricately depicted, capturing every detail, while the focus of the painting lies on the adorable and lazy state of Mr.Q panda and marshmallow.


Under the rapid pace of life, try to slow down and take a ride on the Star Ferry, feel the gentle breeze, embrace and admire the shimmering sea of Victoria Harbour. Watch the sailboats sway and let the faint scent of the sea evoke memories of the past, memories of childhood... Through the artwork, Star Ferry expresses its collective memory and sentiment towards Hong Kong.

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