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Heart Sutra Series 2013

"Heart Sutra" Series 2013  
" 心 經 " 系 列  

This series continues Ting’s trademark style of intense saturated colour with beautiful smooth abstract surfaces embedding multiple layers of text, figurative drawing, transferred images and colour spread.  The extremely subtle details and colours are only visible when viewed up close and cannot be captured entirely in photographs.  

Extracts of the Buddhist Heart Sutra scripture can be found in each painting. The written script appears between layers, some hidden and some more visible. The Sanskrit/ Chinese written characters in some of the paintings appear as images in the shape of crowds of human figures conveying a wide range of energies and moods. 

Ting found the Heart Sutra to accord with her previous investigations into psychology, philosophy and spirituality. All things are as one; our senses create thoughts and through that we formed our consciousness and suffering; in meditation, we obtain wisdom to see through all the illusions created; thus emptiness.

Ting incorporates the Heart Sutra into her paintings to explore different topics arising from the text such as group consciousness and various states of mind. She uses partially subconsciously induced forms, loosely referencing the pristine natural Icelandic landscape to contrast with Hong Kong’s densely crowded cityscape.  

The process of painting the Heart Sutra series was like a meditation itself - bringing together fragmentation, contradiction, anxiety, anarchy and reconnecting, healing, harmony, tranquillity into hectic city life.

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