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" 彙集文化系列 " 系 列  



This series consists of 11 paintings which can be viewed individually or in pairs - one on top of another, except for ‘Through Space’ which should be viewed on its own.

These paintings seem to strip away all layers, revealing abstract structures and pure essence.  The subconscious elements are particularly important and have been maximised through the use of various techniques, including acrylic colour spread, Chinese ink and special glazing.  The base colour is covered with a special acrylic medium to loosen the bond of the paint and to achieve a watercolour-like aesthetic.  Many layers of glazing are applied to enhance the vibrancy of the colours.  Then a layer of Chinese ink spread is added which is sealed off with acrylic medium. 

While Ting’s earlier works are heavily layered, both visually and in terms of content, the Confluence series of paintings appear to liberate the subconscious - construction drive, and allows the process to be seen more clearly, in a less obscured manner thus revealing and lessening deliberate image construction by various ink spread techniques and allowing a more organic emergence.

The colours of these paintings are inspired by the birth of the stars in space and the black and white strokes by fragmented images of rubble from wars, symbolising destruction on earth.  As a whole, these paintings explore the relationship between destruction and re-birth, and they balance the figurative with the abstract through a distinctly minimalist approach. 

Influenced by both Western visual arts movements and traditional Chinese ink painting, Ting sought to capture the essence of a scene or emotion rather than the actual physical appearance or accurate likeness of that scene or object itself.  To achieve this, she intentionally used artistic approaches and concepts taken from Minimalism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.  In these paintings she wanted to allow all influences – cultural as well as artistic, from East and West, to merge together smoothly, like the joining of the waters from two rivers hence the title of the series: Confluences.

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