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Kwing Wing Poon

The Hong Kong artist, Mr. Poon kwing-wing has been interested in the colours ​blue and white for a long time, and these are featured in his "Lotus " series. This collection of artwork follows his previous one "Running Water, Mountain High 高山流水" 


He says, "In China, the colour blue is often thought of as the blue in porcelain. There's blue in many things in daily life; usually, it matches the colour white we see in Chinese pottery and porcelain. This creates a unique culture." 


Poon uses varying shades of blue and white in his latest works. He wants to convey the same feelings of serenity and comfort to the viewer, which he himself felt when painting these colours together for this collection. 

Although the lotus flower comes in many colours, Poon chose white lotus for the sense of elegance. He drew the petals of the lotus with transparent effect which alludes to a famous Chinese idiom: 


"出淤泥而不染 - The lotus grows unsullied from mud."

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