Mediha Ting 定光琴  - Shine Through the Darkness Series 2019 

“曙光乍現”系列是定光琴小姐最新的綜合媒體畫作系列; 使用丙烯,中國水墨,用了一貫的創作方法 : 意象畫法,著重中西美學的結合加入了潛意識, 意識, 意景 ; 平衡 x 象與抽象。

這一系列的畫作受到定光琴祖父寫的兩篇文章所啟發: [談世界末日]和[人魔爭鬥論]; 以及反映近期香港發生的社會事件。

描述黑暗中的光明, 象徵著從徹底黑暗中重生。定光琴使用伊斯蘭的幾何圖案來暗示她的文化和宗教背景; 描述人類與撒旦的不斷鬥爭, 不單是外在也是內心。她相信只要有信仰可以使我們在重重黑暗中找到光明和平安!


“Shine through the darkness” series is one of Ting’s latest series of mixed medium work; using Acrylic, Chinese ink and colour spread to achieve a unique appearance, which balances the figurative and abstraction. Ting wants to create a series of works which show both western and eastern aesthetic. The essence is very important part of this series.  
This series of painting is inspirited by two essays that Ting’s grandfather wrote about the end of the world and the battle between human and Satan; as well as reflecting social incidents happening in Hong Kong at the point of creation.
 Describe the light in the darkness, symbolizing the rebirth from complete darkness. Ting uses Islamic geometric patterns to hint at her cultural and religious background; describing the constant struggle between man and Satan, not only external but also inner. She believes that as long as there is faith, we can find light and peace in the darkness!


Mediha Ting 定光琴 



LONDON 1998 - 2013



Mediha TING grew up in Hong Kong and was educated in the United States and in England. She comes from an artistic background and studied Fine Arts to postgraduate level. In 1995 while she was studying Fine Arts at California College of Art, CCA, she received Honourable mention in the All College Award (An Open competition for all Arts colleges/universities in the US). She graduated from (Byam Shaw) Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London in 2000. She later earned a Master Degree in Art Policy and Management at Birkbeck College in London. She decided to focus fully on her art career and leave investment banking industry. She returned to live and work in Hong Kong in 2013. Her work has been described by one reviewer as embodying a powerful feminine spiritual energy.

She has had solo shows in London, America, Shanghai, Hong Kong, UK and Taiwan and her work has been exhibited in numerous selected group shows and art Fairs all over the world; including Contemporary Art Auction at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester, Asian Art in London, ScopeBasel Art Fair in Switzerland, Singapore Art Stage, Ink Asia and Fine Art Asia.


Mediha was brought up in a Taiwanese-Chinese-Muslim hosehold. This diverse upbringing along with her overseas experience have allowed her to investigate perceptions of cultural identity, relationships between the inner world and the urban built environment and, more importantly, the state of consciousness and the subconscious.                                                                                           

 ~    by Jefferson Mendoza   (                                                                   

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