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About BLINK Gallery Hong Kong 
齊 亮 畫 廊

Welcome to BLINK Gallery, a fine art gallery that curates exhibitions with themes that reflect our values of love, inner peace, harmony, happiness, and color. Established in Hong Kong in 2013 by TK Chan and Albert Chung, our focus is on showcasing artwork with a strong visual impact. We specialize in paintings on canvas or paper that bring positive energy to the viewer and promote a better world through art.

Strong believers in the positive power of art, our artists are carefully selected based on their ability to create art with positive meaning and impact, using bright or pastel colors to create a sense of energy, excitement, and emotion in their work. In the past, we focused on promoting local artists from Hong Kong, we now partner with international gallerists which allows us to test new grounds, introducing our artists to new markets while discovering new art and artists.

We are excited to return to the international stage post-pandemic. In the next two months, we will be promoting our art in Shanghai and Bali, which is new for BLINK Gallery. We will also be returning to Singapore and Jakarta regularly, just like before. Through our art, we aim to bring peace and love to the world and promote a better future for all. Come visit our gallery and experience the positive energy our artists bring.

Featured Collection 
熱 門 推 介
Featured Collection 
Kwing-Wing POON
潘 烱 榮  ( 水 禾 田 )
ZBD005 Play! Play! Play! - Ink  Charcoal
Zoe Liu
李 澧 榆
禪道《路》-6 閒門向山路 103x76 -.jpg
Luk Yan Shing
陸 潤 城
TK Chan
陳 紫 君
rebecca hon
Rebecca Hon 
韓 雁 婷 
Lau Chin Hung
 劉 展 鴻  
mediha ting
Mediha Ting
定 光 琴
Ashley Chung
Ashley chung
鍾 凱 霖
WCB014  BLINKGallery_EricaHestuWahyuni_HappyPigProsperity_2014_AcrylicOnCanvas_80x110cm_b.
Erica Hestu Wahyuni
 愛 麗 茄
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