YUNG Chee-Mun, Simon  容子敏   
Reflection 反象系列
"Reflection" is abstract series of works, The reflection of the mountains on the lake. The mountains were an established thing and could not be changed, but the reflection of the mountains seen on the surface of the water would be turbulent with the waves (such as wind and rafting), which could change the landscape and bring about a special visual effect, and the composition used in painting and interesting. Through the reflection of light, water shows the inverted images of the scenery. With ripples on water, the virtual images become surreal. 
容子敏喜愛遊歷名山大川,〈漓江反象〉是其抽象系列作品之一,描繪的是山丘在湖水上產生的倒影,這也是他對"水"情有獨鍾的延續。他認為山丘是既定的事物,是不能改變的,但水面上看見的山丘倒影,則會隨著風吹或泛舟而令水波動蕩,這動蕩可為風景產生出變化,帶來特殊的視覺效果,其構圖用於繪畫上,意趣盎然。就如平淡而既定的人生,總會遇到不同的衝激,迎風而致,順勢而行,或可帶來一瞬間的璀璨。 水受光的反射, 呈現出景物的倒影. 水泛起漣漪, 倒影的虛像成了抽象. 







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Chee-Mun YUNG, Simon 容子敏

Born in HONG KONG in 1968

YUNG Chee-mun, grew up in Hong Kong. He obtained a Diploma in Chinese Painting from HKU SPACE, Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Humanities from OUHK, and also studied calligraphy and seal engraving under with Master Ou Dawei, ink painting under with Master Hung Hoi. Simon has participated in numerous local and overseas art exhibitions, and has won numerous awards in different art competitions including "Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012", "Beyond the Surface~Chinese Abstract Art 2008", Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition 2006" and "Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2005". His works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, enterprises and private collectors. His painting was sold on Ravenel Spring Auction 2017。 In 2017, he is being selected in "Ink Global Top 500". 


Simon focuses on ink painting. The creative concept behind his landscape painting is to hold together the classical philosophy of the ancient Chinese scholars' use of ink. He pursues the philosophy inspired by Du Fu's poetry : 水流心不競,雲在意俱遲. His works integrate this invisible spirit into the landscape, turning the turmoil of real life into a world of quiet and serenity. In addition, he was inspired and influenced by Romantic English artist William Turner and Impressionist French artist Claude Monet. He uses Eastern and Western art materials and techniques to create his own rich colourful paintings imbued with a sense of Chinese fusion. His landscapes depict a fairy tale - like Chinese utopia based on natural scenes from his recalled memory. The other iconic symbol found in Simon's work is the waterfall. He feels that unlike trees and buildings which grow vertically upwards, water quietly flows downwards to nourish life on earth.