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Kwing Wing


Newspaper Series


 水禾田結合了報紙原有內容, 在舊報紙上畫畫, 添多了一層質感.   在舊報紙上畫畫的念頭,源自於他在不丹教小朋友繪畫的經驗,由於當地物資短缺,他便隨手拿起報紙, 用顏料繪畫。水禾田形容在報紙上繪畫特別有趣,過程猶如「塗鴉」。  「在報紙上創作與在白紙上創作不同,白紙上是從無到有,在報紙上要決定原有內容的去留。畫面適當透出原有內容,亦能流露出當地的文化歷史,多了一層次質感。」 顏料時深時淺,觀眾需要走近畫作,才能看見報紙字句,畫作呈現出淩亂美態。 ​ 他曾說自己是隨心選擇報紙做創作的,只要覺得內容適合,便留下報紙,沒有太多考慮。

Poon Kwing Wing combines the original content of newspapers with painting on old newspapers, adding an extra layer of texture. The idea of painting on old newspapers originated from his experience teaching children to draw in Bhutan. Due to a shortage of art supplies in the area, he would often pick up newspapers and use paint to create artwork. Poon Kwing Wing describes the process of painting on newspapers as particularly interesting, resembling "doodling." "Creating on newspapers is different from creating on a blank sheet of paper. On a blank sheet, you start from scratch, but on a newspaper, you have to decide what to keep or remove from the original content. The artwork appropriately reveals the original content, showcasing the cultural history of the locality and adding an additional layer of texture." The paint varies in depth and lightness, requiring the audience to approach the artwork closely to see the newspaper text, presenting a chaotic and aesthetically pleasing composition. He has mentioned that he chooses newspapers based on his intuition, keeping them if he feels the content is suitable, without much deliberation.

水禾田在報紙上繪畫香港上環的西港城。 觀眾走近觀看,能隱約看見報紙內容。

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