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Scottish Landscape Series 2015

蘇 格 蘭 搜 影 系 列

Scotland is like walking into a garden full of peaches for TK. The Scottish landscape is changeable just like its weather. Visiting it in different seasons and times of the year inspired her and her love for art in different ways, especially the changing colours of the sky and trees. She also loved that wild animals such as deer, foxes and eagles lived happily with people. The buildings and architecture in Scotland are also amazing with modern buildings sitting alongside older buildings.  She was especially impressed by the way old buildings were preserved and adapted to fit into the daily life in the 21st century. 


Her Scottish themed paintings have allowed her to maintain her links with Scottish professionals outside Scotland – Scottish people recognise the landscapes and animals she portray in her art and will come and speak with her. Also, members of the Hong Kong St. Andrews Society have supported her by collecting her Scottish landscape paintings. 



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