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Kwing Wing




友愛飛舞 Flying Fraternity








A sculpture made up of different materials, such as iron and ceramic.


Title: Flying Fraternity.

Iron sheets and rods, concrete rubble and other discarded materials were re-arranged and re-designed by the artist POON Kwing Wing to reveal an ethereal, organic and timeless fragile natural beauty, maintaining original texture and colours but re-worked into a compellingly harmonious artwork.


In this series, the artist POON Kwing Wing uses ceramics from Jingdezhen to make the sparrow (which he names "Double Kindness"). Ceramics from Jingdezhen have a special quality of surface, soft, smooth and delicate which contrasts with the roughened surface of iron. He shows a group of birds flying in fraternity above the lotus leaves; the lotus stalks are like dancers swaying between heaven and earth, to allow the birds to be on the grand stage of the lotus leaves, flying in the air over the free dimension of the earth.

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