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Kwing Wing Poon

In his ‘Calming’ Series, the artist's love for nature and natural surroundings is reflected in their work, which draws inspiration from the simplicity of Chinese watercolor paintings. They appreciate the natural scenery of Guilin and the interplay between the blue of the mountains with white-walled houses and their dark tiled roofs, accentuated by the blazing sun. This creates a simple beauty that embodies the interchangeable state of mountains and waters, art that captures the essence of the natural world.


Blue is a color that Chinese people particularly love. For example, the famous Jingdezhen blue-and-white porcelain, blue calico fabric, and indigo ceramics have all been enduringly popular. Guilin, known for its picturesque landscapes, captures the unique scenery of mountains standing independently like a chessboard. Although the mountains remain unchanged, they take on a touch of blue during the morning and evening mists, creating a variety of ever-changing and different charms.


"At the same time, it also symbolizes the attitude of learning and striving to be better, surpassing the achievements of the past."


As for the sea of red flowers at the foot of the mountains, it highlights a scene of freedom and openness, without any constraints.


"Flowers have life. They bloom and bear fruit this year, and then they can bloom again the next year. It is different from the flowers that are picked and packaged in a flower shop. A sea of red flowers symbolizes the beauty of continuous regeneration."


The flourishing red flowers echo the bright red sun, which is not depicted as a neat circle but rather placed near the center of the painting, showcasing the artist's casual and unconventional style. It cleverly responds to the artistic conception of "leisure in half a day," evoking a feeling of carefree leisure.




​藍色是中國人喜愛的顏色,例如景泰藍、藍印花土布、靛青陶瓷,都是極受歡迎而歷久不衰的。 山水甲天下的桂林,捕捉那兒峰巒獨立如棋盤的別致風景。山巒雖然長久不變,但每日早晚霞霧間染上一抺藍色,自有一番變化萬千、天天不同的韻味。




「花是有生命的,今年開花結果,明年又可循環再吐艷發放,那與花店內給採摘下來包裝好的花束不同。 一片紅花,象徵生生不息之美。





Small Size 33 x 33cm

Medium Size 68 x 68cm

Large Size


水禾田透過作品去陶冶人的性情, 洗滌人的心靈,整個世界就會很美好了。 水禾田先生為這系列畫作配上他寫的新詩:

Love of nature, love of natural surroundings, love of quietness…

Love of the simplicity of Chinese water color paintings, with an undemanding heart, it seems like the natural scenery of Guilin, the incessant exchanges between the deep blue tiles and the white walls, appreciated by the blazing sun, forming a simple and pristine beauty of the world, and that is the interchangeable state of mountains and waters.



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