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since 2015

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<Aurora Revelation>, by applying scientific knowledge in creative arts, Ms TK Chan is calling for solidarity around concerns about global warming. Her new creative oil painting series is called <Aurora Revelation>.  It is inspired by the mysteriously beautiful but volatile Aurora Borealis, which can be seen in the north of Scotland. TK is applying her self-invented creative and interpretive brush strokes in <Aurora Revelation> to capture the light patterns through her own eyes. The artist has used this series of paintings to bring an awareness of Global warming as an issue that everyone should be concerned about. The <Aurora Revelation> are circular artworks, which represent the Earth, Sun, Stars and the relationship of Human Solidarity.  Each brush stroke is created using a unique circular motion.  These numerous small circles, depicted on a circular canvas act as metaphors that appeal to everyone regardless of skin colour, race, nationality, political background, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, health, disability, social class, wealth or any other background to join together to protect our mother Earth in harmony.
Her abstract painting centres around the circle, which represents the concept of Oneness, unity, and eternity. By utilizing circle-shaped canvases and brushstrokes, TK emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things. The dialectical relationship between brushstroke and canvas mirrors the relationship between the universe and the individual artist. 
She employs one or two green-yellow brushstrokes, composed of oil and crushed stone pigment, on a large circular surface. This approach symbolizes the gathering of energy and the unification of diverse elements, reflecting the concept of Oneness. Through minimalistic strokes and circular shapes, TK's art conveys a deep philosophical message about the inherent unity of existence.


香港畫家陳紫君小姐一向以英國蘇格蘭優美風景為題材,此系列作品靈感來自於多變的北極光。 對於北極光的關注,多數來自科技探索,攝影紀錄等媒介,而紫君 則以傳統的繪畫技術加以獨特創作,以北極光為靈感,宣揚人類團結一致愛謢地球的訊息。 
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