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Ashley Chung


Ashley Chung received her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019. Studying under Mr. Wang Qiu Tong, Professor Fan Di’an, and Mr. Henry Lau, Ashley has possessed to paint contemporary Chinese ink painting, principally global urban environments and cities. She used to depict cityscapes, landscapes, imaginary themes, and other categories through a range of western media until she studied traditional and contemporary chinese ink painting since her second year at university. She was honored with numerous international awards including “Best Individual on the colony” of The Small Montmartre of Bitola, Student of the year Visual Artist winner organized by The South China Morning Post, and Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau Multi-Faceted Excellence Scholarship. She was invited to exhibit her artworks in global various countries and regions, including Beijing, Russia, London, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ukraine, Romania, Japan, Singapore, etc. Her works were collected by the HKSAR Government, overseas institutions, and private collections and were mainly fundraised for charity sales.

Ashley was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her works often reflect her exploration of positive meanings of life in metro-cities, discovering methods to depict urban environments with a combination of traditional Chinese ink aesthetic techniques and western art skills. She used to paint with western media, including watercolor, oil color, acrylic, charcoal, pastels, pencils, etc. But eventually, she chose the most unfamiliar media to persist during the second year of University. Studying under Mr. Wang Qiu Tong and inspired by Professor Fan Di’an, Ashley has been kept trying to learn and involve theories, spirits, strokes, and structures of traditional ink painting as well as calligraphy in her cities, although the appearance is transformed into different forms of pigment, spots, and lines. The infiltration of black and white, bright and obscure colors, expressions of "Qi"—rhythmic vitality and connotations which is what she longing for. She aspires to find a new language of cityscape and metro art as well as to preserve what ancestors had retained. 

師從王秋童老師、范迪安老師、劉浩昌老師。自幼喜用西方媒介繪畫。大學三年級開始研習當代水墨。曾榮獲多項國際獎項,更奪得被譽為“畫壇奧林匹克”國際青少年蒙馬特現場繪畫比賽——「全球最佳青少年畫家」、南華早報全港傑出學生 (視覺藝術家冠軍)、香港民政事務局多元卓越獎學金。作品多次被邀請到國內外展覽,包括北京、俄羅斯、倫敦、法國、芬蘭、捷克、葡萄牙、烏克蘭、羅馬利亞、日本、新加坡…。作品獲政府、海外機構及私人收藏,及曾作義賣、印製成畫冊或日曆作慈善用途。 

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