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Isabel NEE Yeh-Su was born 1946 in Shanghai and wrote proflifically under a number of pen names. She is famous in Hong Kong for her series of contemporary romantic fiction “Story of Rose” by Yi Shu which first came out in 1963.


Water Poon has illustrated more than hundreds of covers for this series of Yi Shu’s books since 1988, which was very popular among young girls at that time. Water Poon used watercolour and pencil for the artwork. He created the iconic female figure to represent the educated , single, young ladies in the city. She is elegant, quiet, alone, wears blue eye shadow and dresses in brightly coloured simple stylish clothes.


In his latest series of paintings (worldwide exclusive to BLINK Gallery) this female figure is shown in contemplative poses near famous Hong Kong landmarks such as the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Hong Kong Covention Centre in Wanchai, the Star Ferry. Roses feature frequently as a theme, scattered about the painting.  Beside the image, at the edge of the paper, he sometimes writes a sentance or two in pencil to represent his thoughts , feelings and philosophy at that moment of artistic creation. 







水禾田筆下女性往往都是優美、閒靜、寂寞,筆觸簡單但又能細膩地表達女性的內心。而這些作品,都成為了亦舒的作品封面,兩人分別用了不同的方法,表達了其對女性內心世界的看法,和女性在現代社會的自我追尋,因此,這些畫作總會出現一些耐人尋味的副標題:"Life is like a stage, you don't know what role you are acting, just do your best"、"I wish there would be more rain, because mankind would need a rinse"。水禾田的女性畫作偶爾又會出現一些代表香港的建築、交通工具等,本地味道十分濃厚。


現在這些作品收藏在香港 Blink Gallery裡,說到和 Blink Gallery的關係,他們認為:「畫家需要有好的畫廊展示作品和推介,而畫廊亦需求好的畫家的作品,本是昔昔相關的。」 





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水禾田語錄 Water Poon Collection - Signed Notebook


Water Poon 水禾田 (阿水)       

Born in China in 1944

Water POON is an artist, photographer, designer and film director. He graduated in Graphic Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic College. In 1969, he started work as an graphic designer with Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. In the 1980s Poon travelled extensively between mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He saw the Silk Road and the Yellow River. Later he held several photography exhibitions about these trips. During this decade, Poon became the first artist ever to exhibit photographs of Taiwan in Beijing and also the first ever to exhibit photographs of Beijing in Taiwan. He has worked as a photo-journalist for various newspapers and magazines, including Express Post, Singtao Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal in Hong Kong, Singtao Daily (Canada), Global Views Monthly (Taiwan) and Metro Daily (Hong Kong). He has published many photograph albums, art books and travel notes and has exhibited his works internationally. He currently lives in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Vancouver and still works on art and design projects especially those supporting the creative sectors and children’s charities.


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