Luis Geraldes  
After Bali-5

After Bali-5

by Luis Geraldes Portugal Oil on Canvas 100 x 80 cm WCD001

After Bali-6

After Bali-6

by Luis Geraldes Portugal Oil on Canvas 100 x 80 cm WCD002


Luis Geraldes 1957

Luis Geraldes, a painter, sculptor and ceramic artist.

Geraldes was born in Portugal, lived in Angola for 15 years. In 1975 he went back to Portugal as a refugee from the civil war in Angola. Now Geraldes lives between Australia and Portugal, Spending a lot of time in South East Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia and  Malaysia. 

In Portugal Geraldes did his army service, took a degree at IADE Creative University, pursued his artistic career and became an art teacher.

In 1985 migrated to Australia. Over the years he did two post graduations in Painting and Education., a Masters Degree in Fine Art and he is a candidate to a PhD in Fine art.

In Australia he continued his artistic en-devours while teaching at RMIT. As an academic Geraldes has taken educational posts at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, West Metropolitan Institute of TAFE, Central Gippsland Institute and Lavalla College.

Geraldes art, are represented over the world in private and government collections. Among them, two large Ceramics murals in Sydney Australia, a total of 50 meters long by 4 meters high. 4 meter high sculpture in Algarve Portugal. a 23 sq meters painting (fresco) at a Court House in Mondin de Basto Portugal among many others.

His paintings are also represented in Art Museums, among them; Museum of Modern Art Haifa Israel, Museu do Chiado Lisbon Portugal, Ismaili Center of Lisbon Portugal, Museum of Contemporary Art-Madeira Island and Culturgest (art bank) Lisbon Portugal. 

Luis Geraldes Paintings have been selling at art auctions such as CHRISTIE'S London. 

International contacts and enquirers are most welcome; Geraldes is vailable for contacts about medium to large scale ceramic murals for buildings, bridges, public walls, metro stations and other public places. Also Geraldes can be commissioned Installations and Medium to large scale sculptures for public places and private properties.




2012/ Candidate to PhD 
2000/03 Master Degree of Fine Arts, Monash University, Australia.
1998/99 Post Graduate / Painting, Monash University, Australia.
1988/89 Post Graduate / Diploma in Education at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.
1981/84 Degree in Art and Design, IADE, Institute of Art and Design, Lisbon. Portugal



2000/12 Teacher – Art, Design and Technology at Lavalla College
1995/99 Lecturer – Art and Design Department – Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE, Yallourn, Australia.
1990/94 Lecturer in the Art Dept. of RMIT – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
1988/91 Lecturer at Western Institute of TAFE, Melbourne, Australia
1984/85 Art & Design Teacher at Secondary School, Sebastiao e Silva, Oeiras, Portugal
1980/81 Art & Design Teacher at Campos de Melo Technical College, Covilha Portugal



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2011 Painting SOLD at Christie's Auction House London, Christies Cat.
2012 Painting SOLD at Christie's Auction House London Christies Cat.


- National Museum of Modern Art, Haifa – Israel
- Modern Art Museum, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal
- Caixa Geral de Depositos (Art Bank), Lisbon – Portugal
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- City of Petersham, 4 meters x 17 meters long, street ceramic mural, Sydney, Australia 
- MOMA Tondela, Fernando and Estela Ferreira Art Foundation, Tondela, Portugal
- Tecnopolo, Secretaria Regional da Regiao Autonoma da Madeira, Madeira Island, Portugal
- Museum Francisco Tavares Proenca Junior, Castelo Branco – Portugal
- National Museum of Art, Luanda – Angola
- Potuguese Museum, Sydney – Australia
- Ministry of Justice, 24 sq. meters mural, Felgueiras e Mondim de Basto – Portugal
- City of Petersham, 3 meters x 30 meters long, street ceramic mural, Sydney, Australia 
- Western Metropolitan Institute of Technology
- City Council of Covilha, Portugal
- CAE, Melbourne, Australia
- City Council of Marrickville, NSW, Australia
- Vila Sol, 4 meters high sculpture, golf course, tie 16, Algarve, Portugal



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2011 Red Square Gallery, Singapore
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