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Gene Kreyd 
The Visible

The Visible

by Gene Kreyd Russia Oil Acrylic Canvas 60 x 60 cm WCC001

Tip Of My Brain

Tip Of My Brain

by Gene Kreyd Russia Oil on Canvas 60 x 60 cm WCC002

Gene Kreyd 


Biography :


I was born in St. Petersburg Russia, 1964


From birth I was exposed to and surrounded by art. I’ve studied many various art forms throughout my life. In 1973 I came with my parents to the West in search of freedom. First to Europe then to the U.S. It was in California that I discovered surfing. For me it was “the ultimate freedom”. The first wave I caught changed my life forever.


Surfing is the axis my life revolves around and it is the inspiration for my creativity. In 1985 I came to Indonesia to surf Padang Padang, since then Bali has been my home base. In search of waves and new ideas I travel the world, often putting myself in extreme situations to taste and capture the essence of  reality.


I express my passion for life and surfing by working in many mediums. Painting, shooting photos, producing video, writing electronic music and fabric design.


I often use photography as a “base layer” for my paintings. I am into a full multi sensory experience and there are no limits to my artistic expression.


To share the beauty of my experience is why I do art. My intension is to inspire and awaken.

My Motto is : Live the life you love!



  • 2014 Exhibition At Four Season Hotel Jakarta

  • 2014 Exhibition At Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta

  • 2013 “Wave of Joy” – exhibition in “ERARTA” Museum of Modern Art/Gallery,

  • 2013 Exhibition At Four Season Hotel Jakarta

  • 2012 Russia, Moscow, Kinoteatr Oktyabr

  • 2012 Russia, Moscow, Kinoteatr 35 Milimetrov,festival “My Planet Channel: People Planet”

  • 2012 Personal exhibitions- in  Gene Kreyd’sown personal  gallery “House of Good Vibes”

  • 2012 Australia, Coolangatta The Komune

  • 2011 Surf Exhibition in “Shanti” Club

  • 2011 Bali, Indonesia Taksu Gallery

  • 2011 Bali, Indonesia Deus

  • 2011 Bali, Indonesia El Kabron

  • 2010 Moscow, Russia Shanti

  • 2010 Moscow, Russia Krisha Mira

  • 2009 Bali, Indonesia Black Dog

  • 2008 Jakarta, Indonesia Koong Gallery

  • 2007 Sydney, Australia Garage Gallery

  • 2007 Panjim, India Fontaniha Art Festival

  • 2006 Iowa City, U.S.A. Chait Gallery

  • 1971 Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.( exhibition for children.) (Won 1st place.)


Private Collection :


  • U.S.A


  • PERU




















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