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Unicorn &  Angel

TK Chan was commissioned to create a beautiful and magical painting of unicorns and angels for the Green Monday Gala Dinner in 2018. With the collector's encouragement, TK used her creativity and imagination to craft a captivating piece of art featuring unicorns and angels. The painting included many unique elements, such as the mythical creatures' shimmering wings and majestic horns. The vibrant colors symbolize the power of imagination and creativity, making the painting a popular symbol of hope, joy, and beauty. This success inspired TK to develop a new collection of unicorn artworks that have been popular with young girls. Through her hard work and dedication, TK has been able to bring joy to many with her artwork and is now recognized as an accomplished artist.

TK Chan 受委託為 2018 年的綠色星期一晚宴創作一幅美麗而神奇的獨角獸和天使畫作。在收藏家的鼓勵下,TK 用她的創造力和想像力製作了以獨角獸和天使為主題的迷人藝術品。 作品包含許多獨特的元素,例如神話生物閃閃發光的翅膀和雄偉的角。 鮮豔的色彩象徵著想像力和創造力的力量,以獨角獸為主角,成為希望、歡樂和美麗的流行象徵。 這一成功啟發了 TK 開發了一個新的獨角獸藝術品系列,該系列一直受到年輕女孩的歡迎。 現在TK 已經能夠用她的作品給許多人帶來歡樂,現在被公認為是一位有成就的藝術家。

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