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9 山下 Mountain WDB284.jpg
The blue makes you feel comfortable and quiet,
The hut is quietly hiding under the mountain, let the earth embraceyou... 

POON Kwing-Wing 潘炯榮 (水禾田)
Ink and colour on paper
69 x 137 cm

Original Painting
Limited Edition Printing
HKD 26,000 


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POON Kwing Wing 潘炯榮
Born in Nanhai Guangdong, China in 1944
The artist graduated in Graphic Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic. He has participated in numerous local and overseas art exhibitions, and has won numerous awards including "Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Professional Youth of the Year” 1985, “Artist of the Year for Photography” 1988 , “Martell Artist of the Year” Shanghai 2005.  He was art professor at the University of Jinan in 2013.
He used his camera to capture people and scenes for over 30 years. Now he uses his hands and ink brush in these landscapes to express his feelings for what he has seen.

WDB103 聚在世-4 - Copy.jpg
潘烱榮運用攝影機去捕捉人與景已經超過三十多年, 作品已是深入民心,經常體驗大自然的他,深度地提升出山水的精華,用極具魅力的技巧,描繪下他內心的景觀。

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