Mediha Ting 定 光 琴  - "REMINISCENT HONG KONG" Series 2015   

Reminiscent Hong Kong 79days later

Reminiscent Hong Kong 79days later

Limited edition Giclee Print of 10 H 28 cm x W 137 cm 2015 by Mediha Ting 定光琴

Reminiscent Hong Kong 79 days

Reminiscent Hong Kong 79 days

Limited edition Giclee Print of 10 H 28 cm x W 137 cm 2015 by Mediha Ting 定光琴


Reminiscent Hong Kong series consist of one large scale painting and two limited edition Giclee print; all of which are elongated and narrow format.   “In this series, Ting’s apparent use of spacious fluidity allow for the paints to blend in naturally.  She also applied different type of paints to create muiti layers. If you view the works under sunlight, you will find multiple colours reflecting off the work, combining her diverse methods in painting skills and abstract expressions, it elucidates her observations on the Hong Kong culture… Ting wishes her audiences to reflect and contemplate through her works and to understand their own perception, sub consciousness, and various state of mind.”

Precious Magazine

Jul 2016 issue                

by Elly Lai 


The large scale painting of Reminiscent Hong Kong series uses highly sub-consciousness driven painting methods that allow Ting to explore her own consciousness and perceptions, as well as collective consciousness in the society. When viewed from a distance, the spacious fluidly abstract intensely charged colours with metallic colours become elucidating. If viewed under intense sunlight all images and layers underneath become obliterated leaving strokes of blinding gold and various metallic colours converting different energies and moods.  

When viewed closely, numerous layers of images, text, and drawing interwoven between the shimmering colours, abstract forms and texts become visible.  The most obvious image is a large scale Chinese ink sketch of Hong Kong aerial panorama view, resonate a sense of calmness and familiarity through its famous skyline.

The aim of this series is not to make a statement or taking side but as a reflection of what happened capturing the unstable feeling of the global climate and at home such as the umbrella movement.  It is negotiating between luminosity, anarchy and harmony.  They are meant to be paradoxical and ambiguous both in terms of the overall images and the contents.

Ting wants her works to have a sense of “Emptiness”, not in the sense of lack of content but in term of Buddhist theory, certain area of spirituality and psychology.  Urging the viewers to reflect and contemplate through the works and reaching a state of meditation to understand their own perception and sub consciousness. 

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