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Lucky Cat


In TK's lucky cat ink painting series, TK Chan explores the concept of fortune and joy through her artwork. The series centers around a special cat named Bao Bao, who was lovingly adopted by TK Chan's family. Despite facing kidney problems, Bao Bao's spirit remains resilient and her heart brims with well-wishes for the well-being and vitality of all living creatures.


Through the transformative power of art, Bao Bao becomes a symbol of good luck and embodies the essence of feline bliss. Each stroke of the fluffy brush captures the vibrant energy and playfulness of Bao Bao, while the use of various colors reflects the diversity and abundance of fortune. The artwork radiates boundless joy, conveying a sense of robust health, delightful companionship, and a heart filled with love and scrumptious treats.


The lucky cat ink painting series not only celebrates the beauty and charm of cats but also carries a deeper meaning. It reminds us of the resilience and positivity that can be found in the face of challenges and inspires us to cherish the well-being and happiness of all living beings. The vibrant colors and lively brushstrokes invite viewers to embrace fortune and joy, while also spreading love and kindness to those around them.








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