Ji Hoy KU
Ji Hoy KU
Born in Jindo, Korea in 1956    


Ku Ji Hoy, the Suncheon arlist who has mastered watercolor and takes viewers on flights of fancy via playful twisis of perspective and knowledgeable use of blank space, offers a vast wonderland in his latest work, lt takes years of practice to be able to make an expressive pass with a watercolor brush, knowing it will succeed in capturing not just the emotions of the moment, but a subject suitable to inject characters into, In watercolor there are no second chances, Unlike oils, or many other media, such as acrylic, any attempt to edit a watercolor turns to muddy brown in a hurry, The delicate details Ku achieves are not from careful brushwork, but by expressing his innermost feelings, He confidently approaches each sheet of rice paper like an emotive calligrapher,

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