Kelly Liu 劉靜雯

As part of her ‘Glazing’ series, Hong Kong artist Kelly Liu brings her subconscious to the forefront, letting it lead her thoughts and brush strokes. The result's a psychedelic collection of dramatic spirals and swirls, each an abstract reflection of her inner psyche and inhibitions.  

~ By Rebecca Liew, Staff Writer of TimeOut

Kelly Liu       
Born in 1992, Guangzhou, China


Kelly showed her talent of drawing in a very early age. As a keen observer of life, and in addition to her penetrating studies of people, Liu’s sentimentality gives strong sense to the surroundings. Her artworks are including paintings, drawings, collages, photos, videos and installations that explore visualizing intangibility and her abstract perception. The interest in the relationship between color, phenomenon, psychology, memory and the viewer address the question of the fragmentation and ambiguity of human’s psyche. Intending to approach the resonance between the seen and unseen, Liu believes in utilizing the vitality and energy of the subconsciousness in search of harmony; to transform sensuality’s synesthesia into spiritual or mental abstract images in order to represent the mental phenomena of interlacement and alternation, between and betwixt — the now-and-then instability of desperation, alienation, or tranquility that exist in an illusionary surrounding. In addition, Liu explores the link between painting and video artwork, and the aesthetic of the West and the East, to see whether and how the sensuous experience can fill in the gap between the inner and the outer world in a non-verbal way as well as open up the connection.

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