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Blink Gallery_Janette Cheung_Red Bean Ice_2024_Acrylic on Canvas_40x50cm_Price$_edited.jpg
Blink Gallery_Janette Cheung_Egg Tart_2024_Acrylic on Canvas_50x60cm_Price$_edited.jpg




In Red Bean Ice, the inspiration comes from the artist's childhood memories of spending a nice afternoon in Bing Sutt with family. This warming piece perfectly embodies the wistful cultural sentiment of Hong Kong. The taste of food can undoubtedly echo with the audience. From the Red bean ice, crispy Pineapple bun with butter, to the Cream pails, they all leave a lasting impression of Hong Kong's culinary spirit in the artwork.


The artwork uses pink and beige checkered ceramic tiles as the scene, which naturally complementing the color palette of the red bean ice. Cherie, the panda girl, is adorned with a cherry headpiece, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Within the delicate ambiance of everyday life touching the inner world, one can feel warmth and experience a journey through Hong Kong sentiment and forgotten childhood memories.

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