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Kwing Wing Poon


筆下雀鳥都是善善 - 在水禾田老師創作的方格之中,我們看到一個個生活小故事,有小屋、竹葉、葫蘆、山水,有老師最愛的荷花,還有被老師形容為「小朋友」的小動物,我們經常會見到兩條魚,有時魚在聊天;以及曝光率很高的鳥,老師幫鳥起名為善善,「卡通人物會有名字,但中國畫中的動物經常無名,所以就幫雀鳥起名了。」會為畫中的「小朋友」起名,這位前輩童心未泯。


水禾田先生酷愛荷花,這題材出現在他兩個系列裡:「和諧善緣」、「藍與白」 。「和諧善緣」以黑白為主,這些作品總會出現幾個元素:黑壓壓一大片的是荷葉;灰色的小球是名叫「善善」的鳥兒;紅色一點點的是荷花 。雖然構圖簡單,但透過黑與白的對比、 超現實的空間感、留白、紅色的點綴,我們竟能奇妙地感受到作品滲透的禪意與清新。我們彷彿看到鳥兒在天地之間隨風起舞, 在無垠大地裡得到自由和釋放。


In the painting created by Poon Kwing Wing, we can observe small stories of life. There are houses, bamboo leaves, gourds, landscapes, and the lotus flowers that the teacher loves. There are also small animals that the teacher describes as "children." We often see two fish, sometimes chatting with each other. And there is a bird that appears prominently in the paintings, named "Shan Shan" by the teacher. "Cartoon characters have names, but animals in Chinese paintings often remain nameless, so I gave a name to the bird," the teacher said. Giving a name to the character in the artwork shows the playful nature of this senior artist.


Poon Kwing Wing's paintings often feature animals. In the left image, the gray ball represents the bird Shan Shan. But what are the names of the fish? The teacher hasn't thought of them yet. Chinese paintings emphasize freehand brushwork and leaving empty spaces. Unlike Western paintings that often fill the entire canvas, the use of empty spaces in Chinese paintings makes objects appear smaller, giving the fish a sense of swimming in the water.


Poon Kwing Wing has a great love for lotus flowers, which appear in two of his series: "Harmony and Good Fortune" and "Blue and White." In the "Harmony and Good Fortune" series, which is predominantly black and white, several elements are always present: a dense cluster of lotus leaves, a gray ball representing the bird named "Shan Shan," and a touch of red representing the lotus flower. Although the compositions are simple, through the contrast of black and white, surreal spatial perception, empty spaces, and the accent of red, we can wonderfully sense the Zen and freshness permeating the artwork. We can almost see the bird dancing between heaven and earth, finding freedom and release in the boundless land.

Bird 善善

Furit 果子

Fish 喜喜