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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Exhibition


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Organizer: BLINK Gallery hk

Ms. TK Chan, co-founder of BLINK Gallery Hong Kong is going to present her and other Hong Kong artists' artworks during the whole Fringe Festival across three different venues. TK illustrated the quirky things she saw around her when she arrived from her native HK to study at Edinburgh. BLINK Gallery is hoping to establish a bridge between Scottish nation and Hong Kong through exhibiting artworks. The exhibition includes Digital Media skyline artwork by Ms. Rebecca Hon and award winning Chinese Ink painting etc. Kids workshops available at Planet Cafe.




About Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Our venues


Grosvenor Maybury Casino • 1-5 South Maybury, EH12 8NE (Manhattan Bar)

31July  - 17 August

12noon – 5am

*Opening: 3 Aug at 2pm Click HERE to see opening photos

**Please bring your ID/passport with you, Adult only


Ms. TK Chan solo exhibition - The Reality of My Scotland


18 - 25 Aug 2014

Ms. TK Chan - The Reality of My Scotland

Ms. Kassia Ko - Imprint of Hong Kong 

Ms. Greyish Ho - Rosie Rabbie in Edinburgh

Mr. Chan Suk On - PRESS dePRESS rePRESS supPRESS



theSpace @ Symposium Hall • Hill Square, EH8 9DR (Studio Space)

11-23 August

11am – 10pm

*Opening: 11 Aug at 6pm


**Collection of reprint artworks from

Ms. TK Chan - The Reality of My Scotland

Mr. Simon Yung - Four Season Album

Ms. Chong Kwan Ting Pat - The smell of my hometown

Mr. Chan Kin Chung Peter - Wandering Hong Kong

Mr. Rock Li - Pier

Ms. Emma Bowden - The Queen behind the scenes

Ms. Sarah Wakinshaw - Illustrated Train Journey

Mr. Max Chan Wang - Unfolded

Mr. Liu Wai Hang Ticko - Childhood and Grandpa



Planet Cafe • 39 Baileyfield Road, EH15 1NA (Planet Cafe)

7-21 August

(Mon-Fri)       9am – 4pm

(Sat)               10am – 2pm

Opening: 13 Aug at 1pm


*Collection of artwors from

Ms. TK Chan - Musical Castle

Ms. Rebecca Hon - Magical Starlight 

Ms. Chan Yin Lam Hingis - Peacock & Three Fish Walk

Mr. Mark. R Hammond - Winters Snow


*Kids workshops available by Ms. TK Chan on 13 Aug, please reserve your seat

at Planet Cafe 0131 669 1231 or contact


Session 1 Forest  (2 - 2:45pm)

6 - 12 years old, 10 pound pay at the entrance

Kids will learn about Chinese writing in "wood" and "Forest", then they are encourage to draw tree and forest. For bigger kids may have more time to draw some animals in there.



Session 2 Rabbit (3 - 3:45pm)

4 - 10 years old, 10 poud pay at the entrance

Kids will learn about Chinese writing in "rabbit" they are encourage to draw rabbit. Cotton will be provided for kids to stick on drawing to make a fuzzy rabbit.


Kids artworks will be collected by TK and display at planet cafe after the workshop during the exhibition period until 21 Aug. 


A certificate will be given out for participant signed by BLINK and Cafe immediately after the workshop.  Kids artwork will have chance to exhibit in Hong Kong. Parents will receive scanned artwork via e-mail with both of our logos. Café will also receive a digital copy of all the artworks. 




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