Dominique Desmeules 
Little Orangina

Little Orangina

by Dominique Desmeules 25 x 25 cm 2013 ACA009

Un nuage passe

Un nuage passe

by Dominique Desmeules 25 x 25 cm 2014 ACA008



by Dominique Desmeules 102 x 102 cm 2015 ACA001 AVAILABLE

Bridge over the Water

Bridge over the Water

by Dominique Desmeules 76 x 152 cm 2013 ACA002



by Dominique Desmeules 41 x 122 cm ACA003

Flowers over the Meadow

Flowers over the Meadow

by Dominique Desmeules 61 x 122 cm 2012 ACA004

Spring Nice Day

Spring Nice Day

by Dominique Desmeules 41 x 122 cm 2014 ACA005



by Dominique Desmeules 41 x 122 cm 2015 ACA006

Um Beau Jour Dete

Um Beau Jour Dete

by Dominique Desmeules 41 x 122 cm 2014 ACA007

Dominique Desmeules

My pictorial approach draws its inspiration from floral subjects such as flower beds, or eventually a simple bunch of flowers and old stone flower-pots found in my natural gardens where summertime is busy with photographs and sketches. In this way, light and movement are captured and later on interpreted in my own artistic way. The painting is mostly defined as semi-figurative in its approach. The stylized flowers are directly carved on the canvas with lively imagination, at times tinted with memories and motifs from my numerous travels around the globe. Acrylic is the preferred medium with an addition, from time to time, of paper collages, modeling paste and oil pastel to increase the texture of the final product. The spatula and modeling paste are used to accentuate movement and depth.

Born in 1952 in Chicoutimi Quebec, at the edge of the magnificent Saguenay River, Dominique Desmeules' classical studies and future career in art were both inspired by one of her art teachers, Jean-Guy Barbeau. After studying Graphic Design at the Montreal University of Quebec, she worked as a graphic designer in Vancouver and later on in Paris, France, where she spent over two years. Back in Quebec, she continues to work as a graphic designer while taking care of her flower gardens. Involved in the travel business as a manager of a travel agency for 25 years, she found many opportunities to travel to every corner of the world from Asia to Europe, Africa to South America. However, in 1990, her passion for painting became so ruling that she decided to devote more energy to her art. Her artworks can now be found in art galleries in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Hong Kong and Seoul. Her work has been exhibited in international art fairs as far as Tokyo, Singapore, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Melbourne.


1970.72 DEC en arts , CEGEP, Chicoutimi,QC,Canada

1972.73 Bacc. en Design 2D, UQAM, Montreal, QC, Canada

1979.79 Tapisserie Haute Lisse ,UQAC, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

2011 Creative workshop with Seymour Segal, »La sagesse de l’insécurité»

2012 Creative workshop with Seymour Segal, « L’audace de l’authenticité»


Solo Exhibitions

2014 «Dominique Desmeules solo», Heesu Gallery,Seoul, South Korea

2013 «Vision transformée»,Gallery Art Contemporain,Montreal,Canada

2013 «Spring from Quebec», Heesu Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 Vincent d’Indy Gallery, Boucherville, QC, Canada

2009 Centre d’exposition CGI, Chicoutimi. QC, Canada

2003 «Butinage printanier», Galerie La Corniche, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

2000 «Mon jardin», Galerie hôtel Holiday Inn, Jonquière, QC, Canada

1999 «Fantaisie florale», Bibliothèque publique, Falardeau, QC, Canada

1998 «Fantaisie florale», Centre des arts, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

1994 «Premiers regards», galerie Les Maîtres Encadreurs, Chicoutimi, QC, Ca


Collective exhibitions

2014 AAF New York, New York,USA

2014 Houston Fine Art Fair, Houston, USA

2014 Hamptons Art Fair, New York, USA

2014 Love Art Fair, Toronto, ON, Canada

2014 AAF Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2014 AAF London, UK

2014 Los Angeles Art Show, USA

2013 Aqua art Miami, Miami, Florida, USA

2013 AAF Singapore, Singapore

2013 AAF Seattle, USA

2013 KIAF, Seoul, Korea

2013 Artshow Busan, Busan, Korea

2013 Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada

2013 Délégation du Québec ,London, UK

2013 Affordable Art fair, London, UK

2013 Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles, USA

2012 “Sui Generis”, Patrick International Fine Art, Toronto, Canada

2012 KIAF, Seoul, Korea

2012 FIMA, Montréal,QC, Canada,

2012 Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

2012 Attahotel Galeria, Milan, Italie

2011 Edinburgh Art Fair, Scotland

2011 Affordable Art Fair New York, USA

2011 Art Hamptons Fair, New York, USA

2010 Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey

2010 Singapour Art Fair, Singapore

2010 Melbourne Art Fair, Australia

2010 Art Fair Tokyo, Japan

2010 Un peu ,beaucoup ,passionnément, Galerie Marie Turgeon,Québec,Canada

2009 Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey

2009 41.40 Latitud Norte, NES Galeria Zona 54, Buenos Aires 

2009 Arteclasica Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009 Shangai Art Fair, Shanghai

2009 Pur plaisir, Galerie d’art Maistre, Trois-Rivières,QC, Canada

2008 Les artistes de la région vous attendent, galerie La Corniche, Chicoutimi

2004 Rose célavie, galerie La Corniche, Chicoutimi,QC

2001 La fleur dans tous ses éclats, galerie Artérium, Chambly,QC

1995 Les artistes de la région, Couloir Expo du Musée de Chicoutimi,QC


Special projects

2014 Annual Fundraiser Gala, Oasis Center International, Los Angeles ,Oct.

2012 Auction sale for Croix Rouge, section of Quebec, November

2009-2011 Agenda d’art Utilis-Parcours

2007-8 Auction sale for the benefit of the Symphonic Orchestra of SLSJ

2006-7-8-9 Auction sale, Canadian Fondation of cancer

2001 Poster for the Musical Rendez-vous of Laterrière, QC


Public and private collections

Clinique dentaire Marc Desautels,Chicoutimi,QC,Canada

Federal deputy office, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

Cain, Lamarre, Wells Avocats, Chicoutimi office, Canada



AAPARS, Association des artistes peintres de la Rive-Sud

RAAV, Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec

CAPSQ, Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec



2014 Radio-Canada, television report, August

2014 Book « Love of flowers », Arabella editor, Coming september

2013 Arabella, Canadian Art, Architecture and design, article “Artists who paint flowers”

2012 Le Progrès-Dimanche, 2 pages article, December

2012 Newspaper « La relève de Boucherville » , Article, March

2011 Arabella, Canadian Art, Architecture and Design, 8 pages article

2009 Le Quotidien, 2 article in July and September

2008 Radio Canada television, News report

2008 Progrès-Dimanche, articles, august and december

2008 Revue Parcours , article, 2008 Summer

2007 TVA télévision, publicity Prestige for Toyota Canada

2006 Progrès-Dimanche, article, june

2003 Progrès-Dimanche, article, may

2001 Le Quotidien, article Rendez-vous musical de Laterrière

1998 Videotron télévision, 10 minutes Report on the exhibition « Fantaisie florale »

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