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TK (Tsz-Kwan) Chan      陳 紫 君  
-  Around the World  醉 人 都 市

Grand City 大都匯 Ink and Color on Paper 93 x 93 cm 2018 SOLD

"Around the World " Series  
" 醉 人 都 市 " 系 列  

Three artworks have been created for this collection in 2019 and they all found a good home! "South-East Asia" has been sourced by PDP London HK for the project of iconic 23 -39 Blue Pool Road development, Happy Valley. The other two paintings with the theme of "Scotland" and "China" had been collected by a collector at Art Moment exhibition in Jakarta.

TK plans to develop this collection further with the theme of New York, London, Hong Kong and properly will try again the theme of Scotland. She also would like to try a bigger size painting for this collection. This collection of painting will take much longer to complete compared to the animal's collection. 
It requires lots of research with the consideration of balancing the buildings and the ocean in the art. 

When the City Collection Meets us in a World with Landscapes and Discourses
Fangge Zhang
City Collection shows TK Chan's memories and understandings of various places throughout the vastness of mother earth.
TK Chan used to live and study in a suburban area of Scotland for 10 years. She enjoys the breath of nature. Facing her homeland Hong Kong, a highly urbanized city, she hopes to help people find relaxation and gentleness which mother nature always gives. She also wants to remind people about the importance of protecting our earth, our home.
TK Chan is like a bystander. She has pure, sincere, and relaxing energy, which is conveyed by her works. The tones are childlike and amiable, like voices from a friend. There’s nothing restless. A space for the deepest feeling is created. The serenity of eastern culture is integrated with the pure and innocent energy which is like the heart of a newborn, and the new rising sun. The ink doesn’t form deep black-like color or fierce strokes, or anything stubborn. Soft and free like air, the light ink shows aura and the deeper ink contains changing shadows with multiple layers. Look closer, you may see many small universes. Look further, you may see a lively non-linear fairytale.
In the center of every work of City Collection, there is an abstract circle which looks like an earth with a whirlpool. The whirlpool contains a sense of being pulled inside, but it shows it is love that always rises back to the surface. The love is for the earth and animals. The colors of every circle show the basic emotion of the work, while putting everything around the circle in a place with a certain emotion, allows the audiences space to develope their own feelings. Looking at the works, the audiences reform and reassociate their memories about the things around the circle. They also constantly renew their sense of direction when they are observing the people, animals, and other things to the different direction of the circles.
Around the circle, there are various roles. The great nature and small animals of Scotland. Various ethnicities in China, rare animals like pandas and white tigers. Competitive cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai. Human beings with different roles. People meet each other on the earth, they can have their individualities, be different roles, experience different journeys, interact harmoniously, or inharmoniously. It is like a group of people walking into a cinema for different movies, unknowingly contributing to the successful running of the cinema, much like people all doing their own small parts to achieve a successful society.
It seems to be harmonious when people, animals, and other things stay together around a circle. However, many expected and unexpected problems can break the harmony, and then people try to solve the problems to ensure that society can continue. During the development of society, some things appear and some things disappear. Some things are protected, like cultural preservation, carbon reduction, and endangered species protection. When discussing the Other, people are exploring their own role and the significance of existence. If the audiences didn’t think about these issues before, they can be reminded of related memories when meeting with the landscape in these works, then reassociate and reform their worldview based on the process of feeling the memories.
The animals, human beings, and landscapes in TK Chan’s works convey her understanding of the world.  Audiences can meet with their own psychological projection when they are viewing the paintings. The things around the circles are popular, and they have been existing in the landscape of popular discourses. The signifier of the landscape is widely known and has been translated into various languages. Meanwhile, the significance of the landscape is very different based on the contexts of different individuals, as every individual has their own unique logic of desire. When an audience is reading the things around the circles, imaginations and memories appear. When their eyes move to the circle in the center, their consciousness can take a rest while being nourished by the childlike tone. In the abstract circle, limitless possibilities can go into either another world inside a geocentric place or the deepest space inside your conscious and subconscious.
Meanwhile, the audiences can rotate the works by 360 degrees, to make changes to the whole structure of the image. Based on different orientations, the eye may pay attention to different things within the works. Diverse stories can appear in the audiences’ minds when they associate the people, animals, architectures, and other things around the circle with memories that they are seldom reminded of. In this case, the audiences become a part of the City Collection.
Going back from the journey of City Collection to the real cities, audiences can redefine their views on the diversity of landscapes and discourses, having been nourished by some comfortable energy in the works. What may happen to them next?

City Collection與現實中的我們


City Collection有著陳紫君對全球不同地方的記憶與感悟。







從City Collection回到城市,觀眾帶著從畫中得到的能量,再去看待多元交織和話語,會是怎樣的感受?

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