POON Kwing Wing 潘烱榮 (Water Poon 水禾田)
- Cities Love 都市情緣



For local photographer Water POON, Hong Kong and Vancouver are the two cities which are the chief sources of his artistic creativity for this latest series of work. He feels he can be his most inspired and creative in these two places and certainly his recent collection "Cities" arouses strong feelings of place and  nostalgia with a sense of historic rootedness. The artist says he carries these two cities with him in his heart.


In a departure form his earlier works, Water POON uses ink and paint to quickly sketch ink -style paintings of iconic buildings and city scenes on selected media, using as canvas, not rice paper but old copies of the local newspapers of each city - Vancouver Sun and Apple Daily. Each city donated a generous stack of old newspapers to him to use. These newspapers represented the daily life of the city recorded and documented for its people in that manner.


His work is impressionistic and done with the love he feels for the places he paints; at the same time, the method of expression is certainly novel and creative. To paint scenes of Vancouver and Hong Kong that were special to the artist directly onto these newspapers was another form of recording the city and its life.  The new layers of ink and paint he applied did not totally obscure the date or  the original newspaper's news photographs, reports, announcements, advertisements and newsprint. Thus in parts, both can be discerned by the viewer at the same time, the applied layer on top of the printed one. 


In doing this, he called on people to pay attention to print media:. "Newspapers are a witness to history of the city,  they are also an indispensable part of people's lives," Water POON considers good newspapers and magazines are all a part of life, to be appreciated and enjoyed, just like a cup of tea or a favourite city scene.







用水禾田先生的話說:“每天世界各地都有新聞報紙,報導每天發生的事事物物,除了新聞,還有文化、藝術、娛樂方方面面資訊。選擇報紙繪畫不僅環保,原來的報紙作為背書,也可以充實和豐富作品的畫面,具有不可忽略的歷史價值。” 在多媒體方興未艾的今天,可以引起對報紙藝術的關注,以及對報紙這一傳統媒介價值的重新認識。




Water Poon 水禾田 (阿水)       


Water POON is an artist, photographer, designer and film director. He graduated in Graphic Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic College. In 1969, he started work as an graphic designer with Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. In the 1980s Poon travelled extensively between mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He saw the Silk Road and the Yellow River. Later he held several photography exhibitions about these trips. During this decade, Poon became the first artist ever to exhibit photographs of Taiwan in Beijing and also the first ever to exhibit photographs of Beijing in Taiwan. He has worked as a photo-journalist for various newspapers and magazines, including Express Post, Singtao Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal in Hong Kong, Singtao Daily (Canada), Global Views Monthly (Taiwan) and Metro Daily (Hong Kong). He has published many photograph albums, art books and travel notes and has exhibited his works internationally. He currently lives in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Vancouver and still works on art and design projects especially those supporting the creative sectors and children’s charities.