Calvin Chak 翟震霖
Time Series
Space Series
Calvin Chak 翟震霖      


Chak Chun Lam was born in Hong Kong in 1982. His father was an oil painter, and Chak was nurtured by the art of oil painting at a young age. As a teenager, Chak was inspired by the wonder and beauty of science and astronomy. He loves reading popular science and science fiction books, and visits the local space and science museum during his leisure time.


Chak obtained his Diploma of Fine Art in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies in 2014, and a bachelor of engineering from CUHK in 2004. His cross-disciplinary studies enable him to think scientifically in his painting process. He enjoys the process of experimenting and discovering new techniques, such as pouring and spraying acrylic paint. He also loves experimenting with acrylic paint of different transparency and translucency. Acrylic paint is not only a substitute for oil or watercolor; the acrylic medium is versatile and has a life of its own.


To him, painting is an adventure and the joy of discovery motivates him in this endless pursue.




Inspired by the wonder of scientific discoveries and the achievement of great scientists, Chak captures the beauty and mystery of galaxies and nebulae on his painting panels. In the process, billions of years become days and weeks.





Science and technology is an important part of our daily lives in the 21st century. It improves virtually every aspect of our society such as energy, food supply, communication and medicine. Scientific instruments extend our senses and widen our horizons. Telescopes allow us to view the beauty of stars and galaxies at the edge of universe, while microscopes reveal the strange quantum world of atoms.


Inspired by the wonder and mystery of science, Chak conveys his emotion with lyrical abstract paintings. He portrays the phenomena of astronomy and mineralogy by experimenting new techniques, such as pouring and spraying multiple layers of acrylic paint and medium. He often incorporates the principle of traditional Chinese ink wash techniques and watercolor techniques in his methodology. The painting process is slow as each poured layer needs a week or two to fully dry. With his method, Chak depicts a new kind of spatial depth in his painting. He introduces a new perspective, which differs from linear perspective in Western painting and multiple point perspective in Chinese painting.



2016   Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 

2016   Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 Spring Edition , Conrad Hotel Hong Kong

2015   Annual Reception Exhibition, BLINK Gallery Kwun Tong

2015   Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015 Autumn Edition , Conrad Hotel Hong Kong

2014   Graduation Exhibition for Diploma of Fine Art , CUSCS, Hong Kong Cultural Centre 




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