POON kwing-wing 潘烱榮 (水禾田)
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Blue and White


"藍與白" 系列是水禾田以塑膠彩顏料 (Acrylic) 繪畫荷花世界, 原本名為荷之系列, 卻因為畫的荷花只有藍色和白色, 於是水禾田乾脆改名為"藍與白", 作品運用不同的藍色和白色, 透過作品去陶冶人的性情, 洗滌人的心靈。

Acrylic on Canvas

The Hong Kong artist, Mr. Poon kwing-wing has been interested in the colours ​blue and white for a long time, and these are featured in his "Lotus " series. This collection of artwork follows his previous one "Running Water, Mountain High 高山流水" 


He says, "In China, the colour blue is often thought of as the blue in porcelain. There's blue in many things in daily life; usually, it matches the colour white we see in Chinese pottery and porcelain. This creates a unique culture." 


Poon uses varying shades of blue and white in his latest works. He wants to convey the same feelings of serenity and comfort to the viewer, which he himself felt when painting these colours together for this collection. 

Although the lotus flower comes in many colours, Poon chose white lotus for the sense of elegance. He drew the petals of the lotus with transparent effect which alludes to a famous Chinese idiom: 


"出淤泥而不染 - The lotus grows unsullied from mud."

藍與白 Blue and White

藍與白 Blue and White 208 x 122 cm x 3 (208 x 366 cm)

藍與白 Blue and White

藍與白 Blue and White 50 x 150 cm

藍與白 Blue and White

藍與白 Blue and White 76 x 100 cm

藍與白 Blue and White

藍與白 Blue and White 76 x 100 cm

POON Kwing Wing 潘烱榮
Born in Nanhai Guangdong, China in 1944


POON Kwing Wing is an artist, photographer, designer and film director. He graduated in Graphic Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic College. In 1969, he started work as an graphic designer with Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. In the 1980s Poon travelled extensively between mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He saw the Silk Road and the Yellow River. Later he held several photography exhibitions about these trips. During this decade, Poon became the first artist ever to exhibit photographs of Taiwan in Beijing and also the first ever to exhibit photographs of Beijing in Taiwan. He has worked as a photo-journalist for various newspapers and magazines, including Express Post, Singtao Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal in Hong Kong, Singtao Daily (Canada), Global Views Monthly (Taiwan) and Metro Daily (Hong Kong). He has published many photograph albums, art books and travel notes and has exhibited his works internationally. He currently lives in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Vancouver and still works on art and design projects especially those supporting the creative sectors and children’s charities.



潘烱榮 (水禾田) 是攝影家、畫家和導演。水禾田出生於廣東南海,畢業於香港,長期從事攝影和藝術創作,作品曾於新加坡、東京、加拿大、美國、澳洲、菲律賓展出,並有部分作品被美國波士頓MIT美術館及澳門賈悔士美術館收藏。 1985年,水禾田獲香港十大傑出青年獎、1988年獲香港藝術聯盟第一屆攝影家獎、2005年獲中國上海馬爹利頒藝術家年獎、2006年獲聯合國教育科學文化組織世界文化遺產中心邀請參加拍攝計劃,為我國攝影藝術做出很大貢獻。


繪畫一直陪伴着水禾田先生, 在電腦普及前,他的設計及創作以手繪為主, 他亦為亦舒小說繪畫了超過一百本小說封面。現在他的作品有「和諧善緣」水墨系列、鍾馗水墨系列、魅力女性水彩系列、都市情緣混合媒體系列、「藍與白」塑膠彩系列、「高山流水」塑膠彩系列,這些作品現收藏於香港齊亮畫廊BLINK GALLERY裡。



Born in Guangdong, China in 1944.



Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic College (Graphic Design)



2013   Art Director of Nanshan Old Temple Gallery, Longchuan, Guangdong, China

           Design Award, Hong Kong Art Festival

2006   Photographs the United Nations cultural heritage (Chinese part area).


2005   The Martell Artist of the Year award, Shanghai, China

1997   Self-produced short film was nominated by RTHK as one of the nominees to    

           present in Iran Film Festival.

1985  Awarded H.K. Ten Outstanding Professional Youth of the year.

1998  Hong Kong Artist of the Year 


Photographic Solo Exhibitions:


Hong Kong, Macau, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Canada (Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal), USA (Hawaii, Boston, MIT), Australia, Philippines.



Painting Exhibitions:


Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Tokyo, USA, Canada.




- 2016

Affordable Art Fair, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong

Asia Contemporary Art Show, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong



- 2015

Solo Exhibition, "NOTEBOOK", BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong

Asia Contemporary Art Show, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong

Group Exhibition, "Winter Group Exhibition", Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd., Vancouver, Canada
Solo Exhibition, “Two Cities – Water Poon”, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong


- 2014
Two Person Exhibition, "Paintings and Porcelain", Water Poon and Ah Ngau, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, Canada
Water Poon School Painting and Photography Association was founded
Solo Exhibition, "Chinese Dream", Guangzhou Library, Guangzhou, China
Solo Exhibition, "Chinese Dream", Shunde Art Gallery, Shunde, China
Solo Exhibition, "My style my Painting", Zhongshan Art Gallery, Zhongshan, China


- 2013
Solo Exhibition, "Mountains and Water", Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd., Vancouver, Canada
Solo Exhibition, “Selfless Nature”, The International Arts Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

- 2012
Solo Exhibition, "Garden", Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden, Vancouver, Canada
Solo Exhibition, "Blue and White", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong



- 2011
Solo Exhibition, "Picking Up the Fragrance of Lotus", Fu Guang Yuan Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition, "One Character, One Style", Zhaoqing Chinese Ink Stone Gallery, China


- 2010
Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition, "Selfless", Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, China


- 2009
Solo Exhibition, The 14th Guangzhou International Art Fair, China

Solo Exhibition, Contemporary Watercolour Painting Exhibition, Gallery by the Harbour, Harbour City, Hong Kong


- 2008
Solo Exhibition, "Running Water Mountain High", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
Solo Exhibition, "Shan Shui, With Me", Red Gallery, Guangzhou, China
Solo Exhibition, "A Flash to Eternity", Lansdowne Centre, Richmond, Canada


- 2006
World Heritage Photography Project, various UNESCO World Heritage sites in China


- 2003
Photo Exhibition, "Seeking the Dream of the Waterland", The 5th Shanghai, China International Art Fair, Shanghai, China
Group Exhibition, "V-10 Revisited: Thirty Years of Group Visual - 10", Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

- 1995

Still water runs deep (Paintings), Rendez-vous Gallery, Vancouver.
Still water runs deep (Photos) - Foto Base Gallery, Vancouver.

- 1996

Still water runs deep (Paintings), L'alliance Francaise de Vancouver. 
Birds (Paintings) - Foto Base Gallery, Vancouver.

- 1997

Canadian Rockies (Paintings), Central Branch at Library Square Vancouver.
Still water runs deep (Paintings), Chinatown Gallery Vancouver. 
Lotus (Photos) - Chinatown Gallery, Vancouver.


Works Collected by:


Harbour City Hong Kong

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Museum, U.S.A.

Museu Lius de Camoes, Macau

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong

Fortis Asia Holdings Limited Hong Kong

United Airlines

Jenny Kwan, member of the Canadian parliament for Vancouver East

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Guangzhou University Library

Guangzhou Library

Shun De Library

Macao Museum of Art

Private Collectors

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