B. Rosar

B o r n  i n  W E S T  J A V A  i n  1 9 4 6  


B Rosar is a new glimmer in lifting work of Indonesian art. This painter capability had no doubt attract art lover, many people even refer to it as the reincarnation of painting maestro Affandi. His painting style that has show expressionism art does have its own characteristics. The works that have been made have attracted the attention of many art lovers. This is evidenced by the successful uptake of various works that he created. His Stroke result on canvas for common people do not possess any sense of what turned out to be an excellent art works that are sought after by collectors of art. His creations made the paintings contain hidden meanings that are very natural and expressive. This is what makes the painting B Rosar very famous and value-laden.


Painter's long name is Robedi Basar, born in Garut, West Java on 10 January 1946. Many of his paintings which adorn various art galleries in the world with a high enough value. This dynamic naturalist style paintings possess a kind of inspiration and character that makes it look very attractive. For those enthusiasts of B Rosar paintings, you can explore a variety of his art in exhibitions or galleries to get one of his paintings that may be on display. Some of the famous painting is a painting of chicken, painting views of Tanah Lot in Bali and many others. All his paintings in local auction house always hunted by collectors of art with a pretty fantastic value.


His art style has delivered his figure in Indonesian art become one of the major painters renowned internationally. We would be very proud to know that some foreign art literature includes the name of B Rosar as one of the masters of painting quality. The results of the stroke on the canvas bore valuable aesthetic charm that anyone would be very interested in the works that have been made. Now the maestro has been travelling around some countries to promote the results of Indonesian art in the eyes of the world.

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