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TK Chan 陳紫君 - ANIMALS Collection

Ms Tsz – Kwan CHAN began her Chinese ink painting series in winter 2016 under the encouragement and guidance of established artist POON Kwing Wing (Water POON). 

Inspired by the round cuteness of her own pet animals, she sought to capture these lively qualities with the movement of her ink brush and the colour ink wash of her images. Her animal paintings have been described as embodying happy feelings of love and caring. 


In this animal series she wished to convey that all life was precious; that we need to treasure life, every little bit of it, including not abandoning or killing sick animals & ourselves not succumbing to thoughts of hopelessness & suicide. It meant seeing new beauty in adopting & nurturing our pets.


This animal collection was first shown at INK ASIA art fair in December 2016 in Hong Kong where her fresh contemporary ink style, received much attention from the local media & from established Chinese ink painters.   


Then the collection was shown at Art Stage Singapore in January 2017 where some paintings were selected by 33 Auction Singapore for sale in May 2017. 


Her picture ‘Rooster Family’ sold for SGD 1,600 at that auction. 


In addition, another two of her paintings: “Rooster Family 2” and “Playful Dog” sold for SGD2,000 and SGD1,700 respectively at 33 auction in Singapore in February 2018.


In 2018, T K will develop a set of Chinese zodiac animals for her latest collection.

2017 Autumn Collection
2017 Summer Collection
2017 Spring Collection
SOLD Artworks
SOLD_BLINKGallery_TKCHAN_RoosterFamily3_2017_InkOnPaper_70x 140cm_s
SOLD_BLINKGallery_TKCHAN_RoosterFamily1_2017_InkOnPaper_70x 140cm_s
Snail 1
Rabbit 4
Rabbit 1
Cow 1
Highland Coo 1
Rooster Family 5
Rooster Family 2
Rooster Family 3
Rooster Family 4
Rooster Family 6
Animal 5
Animal 6
Animal 4
Rooster Family
TK Chan 陳紫君
TK (Tsz-Kwan), Chan 陳紫君

born in Hong Kong, 1984



This Hong Kong born artist entrepreneur went to Scotland aged17 years old to complete her education. She graduated from  Edinburgh Napier University in 2008 with an M.Des in Interdisciplinary Design.  She returned to Hong Kong in 2010 &  co-founded BLINK Gallery Hong Kong in 2013 and 1 TK in 2017. 


Tsz Kwan (“T K”) is a member of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA), the Hong Kong St Andrew's Society, the Hong Kong Highlanders and the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA). 


Her paintings have been exhibited in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Seoul, Jakarta, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh.  Her works have been collected by international companies and private connoisseurs.  


She was a finalist in the Entrepreneurial section of the British Council Alumni Awards 2017 in Hong Kong. 


Her painting ‘Rooster Family’ sold for SGD1,600 at 33 Auction, Singapore in May 2017. In addition, another two of her Chinese ink paintings “Rooster Family 2” and “Playful Dog” sold for SGD2,000 and SGD1,700 respectively at 33 auction in Singapore in February 2018. 


T K is the Po Leung Kuk Young Artist in Residence @ V54 for 2017 - 2018.




2007 - 2008  
Postgraduate Certificate in Hospitality, University of Central Florida, USA

2006 - 2007  

M(DES) Interdisciplinary Design, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

2002 - 2006  

BA(HONS) Design Futures, Edinburgh Napier University, UK


2001 - 2002

Edinburgh College, UK

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