Andrea Chung 鍾卓君


by Andrea Chung Acrylic on Canvas 45 x 55 cm 2014 AAA001 Appreciation of the nature via happy flowers and dance of butterfly.



by Andrea Chung Acrylic on Canvas 45 x 55 cm 2014 AAA002 The drawing shows how buildings depicted in lines and colours enhance our life.

Andrea Chung 鍾卓君


Ms CHUNG Cheuk Kwan, Andrea is a young, talented and joyous artist. At the age of only four, she can already express her feelings through different media. Her artworks shows her affectionate personality. She has been interviewed by Ming Pao and Smart Parents magazine.




經濟日報 為孩子開畫展 散發正能量 24/06/2015


明報小記者 開心幼兒藝術家 可愛女孩鍾卓君 March 2015


明報小記者 開心幼兒藝術家 畫出色彩與童真 March 2015


明報小記者 用心靈與世界溝通--幼兒藝術家鍾卓君 March 2015


SMART PARENTS 一家同習字撇出專心 捺出親情 19/03/2015






Aug 2015  IBM Open Day Exhibition

Jul   2015  Timeline of my Dreams, by Bloomkids Creative

Feb 2015  BLINK Gallery

BLINK Gallery  齊亮畫廊


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